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The Great Stone of Fourstones above High Bentham

The Great Stone of Fourstones above High Bentham

The Great ┬áStone of Fourstones, or the “BIG STONE” as it is known locally , is a Glacial deposit on the Moorland above High Bentham in North Yorkshire and only 10 metres from the County Boundary with Lancashire.

The name suggests that there were once four stones, but now there is only the one left, the other three were probably broken up for Scythe Sharpening or for Building Stone, centuries ago. Large stones such as this were useful as Boundary markers in open countryside, and this one was used as a marker for the Lancashire – Yorkshire Boundary between Tatham and Bentham Parishes.

The Great Stone of Fourstones Bentham

A local myth tells of how the Stone was dropped by the Devil on his way to build Devils Bridge at nearby Kirkby Lonsdale.

The Stone has 15 steps carved into the side of it to allow access to the top. It is not known when they were carved, but they are well worn from many years of use.

Its a great walk from Oysterber Farm Holiday Cottages to the Big Stone with lots of refreshment places on the route, just ask us for the best way to get there.