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The First Spring Lambs at Oysterber Holiday Cottages: 16th March 2013.

The First Spring Lambs at Oysterber Holiday Cottages: 16th March 2013.

These are the first two Lambs of the year here at Oysterber Farm Cottages, I have named them “Mint Sauce” and “Rioja” The Sun actually came out to welcome them. I couldn’t resist putting this Blog on as in a couple of weeks the Fields will be full of them and all our Guests love to just sit and watch them, particularly in the Evenings, when they are so very playful and funny.


They are only a few hours old and very dependent on their Mum.


That is RIOJA whispering something to Mum


Poor little LAMB SAUCE just wants to go to sleep


Mary Had a Little Lamb

A Winter Walk around Ingleton Waterfalls

A Winter Walk around Ingleton Waterfalls

Sunday, 10th March, 2013: A walk around Ingleton Waterfalls.

01 The Money Tree

As it was a very cold day and with a strong East Wind blowing, Kathy and I decided to go for a walk around Ingleton Waterfalls instead of our usual Tandem Ride as it would be sheltered for most of it and at 4½ miles long it would be the best thing to do on a very cold day and give us some much needed exercise.

  We set off from the main Broadwood Entrance in Ingleton where there is “The Falls Café” and Toilet facilities and walked up Swilla Glen, past the famous “Money Tree” (see Photo).

03 Pecca Falls


From here it is a steady climb up to Twistleton Lane, the highest point on the walk, and surprise, surprise, even though the Wind Chill was minus 5 degrees C, the Ice CreamContinuing through Pecca Glen we reached the first of the Waterfalls, Pecca and Pecca Twin Falls before arriving at the most famous of them all, Thornton Force, the most photographed of all the Ingleton Waterfalls. 

The Ice Cream van was there but not exactly doing a roaring trade.


11 Ingleborough


The first view of Ingleborough was seen as we passed Twistleton Farm and she was wearing her Winter Coat, (see photo). This was the coldest part of our walk, the gloves were soon on again and we walked briskly to the “Refreshment Centre” at Beezley Farm, where one notice informed us that they would be back in 5 minutes and the other saying “Nearest Toilets are at Ingleton” which was 2 miles away, never mind, there are lots of Trees and Rocks to hide behind and that of course is exactly what we did.


19 The Viaduct and The Bottoms


We were now heading downhill and back towards Ingleton passing on our way, Beezley Falls, Rival Falls, Baxenghyll Gorge and finally Snow Falls, before arriving back in Ingleton and calling in at “Inglesport Café” for a welcome mug of Hot Chocolate. On our way back to the Car we visited Ingleton Church and took some photos of the famous “Ingleton Viaduct”.



It was a great day and anyone staying in our Cottages, particularly in Winter should seriously think of doing this walk, I can guarantee that you will enjoy it.


The Great Stone of Fourstones above High Bentham

The Great Stone of Fourstones above High Bentham

The Great  Stone of Fourstones, or the “BIG STONE” as it is known locally , is a Glacial deposit on the Moorland above High Bentham in North Yorkshire and only 10 metres from the County Boundary with Lancashire.

The name suggests that there were once four stones, but now there is only the one left, the other three were probably broken up for Scythe Sharpening or for Building Stone, centuries ago. Large stones such as this were useful as Boundary markers in open countryside, and this one was used as a marker for the Lancashire – Yorkshire Boundary between Tatham and Bentham Parishes.

The Great Stone of Fourstones Bentham

A local myth tells of how the Stone was dropped by the Devil on his way to build Devils Bridge at nearby Kirkby Lonsdale.

The Stone has 15 steps carved into the side of it to allow access to the top. It is not known when they were carved, but they are well worn from many years of use.

Its a great walk from Oysterber Farm Holiday Cottages to the Big Stone with lots of refreshment places on the route, just ask us for the best way to get there.